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The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Asia
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The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Asia


Jenny Barns

Coworking spaces are becoming enormously trendy all over the world, for a number of different reasons. One is that in the digital age, more people are working remotely or even establishing freelance careers, and thus solving their own needs when it comes to office space.

Another is that the so-called "startup culture" is thriving, and a lot of small or budding businesses can more easily make use of coworking space than they can permanently rent offices. There's also the idea of people taking specific advantage of the coworking phenomenon by taking workations and staying productive at the

coworkings in the countryside.

Given all of these different reasons for making use of coworking spaces, it, of course, makes sense to know which ones can best serve your needs. Naturally, appropriate responses vary by city and by region, particularly now that these establishments have sprung up around much of the globe. For those living and working or even traveling through Asia though, these are some of the standout coworking places to keep on your radar.

Please meet our top 8 coworking spaces in Asia.

#1. Hubud in Bali, Indonesia

Hubud coworking space

This coworking hub is in the middle of a tropical paradise, which is a huge perk in and of itself. So, if checking out the beauty of Indonesia is on your bucket list and you're able to work remotely, consider a trip and a stint of work at Hubud (a combination of "hub" and "Ubud"). Ubud is in the uplands, which is an area where creativity is celebrated.

That plus the beautiful surroundings can foster productivity, and when you throw in the clean, gorgeous quality of the actual facilities (with lovely views and bamboo trees and gardens on the grounds), you couldn't ask for a much nicer place for a temporary office.

#2. WeWork in Shanghai, China

WeWork coworking space in Shanghai

WeWork is viewed as one of the companies that started the coworking revolution, so to speak, but it's only just beginning to expand in some Asian countries. As part of that effort, it's been reported that the company spent

$400 million to acquire Naked Hub, which had previously been the top coworking option in Shanghai.

Now, however, WeWork is presenting some wonderful facilities, filled with professional, modern amenities, communal areas, and private offices. Most interesting is the Weihai space in Shanghai's Jing'an District. Described by Dezeen as "whimsical" in its appearance, this open, well-lit, one-of-a-kind working space was designed in the husk of a defunct opium factory, and it now makes for one of the prettiest and most inviting spots we could find.

#3. Jxtapose in Hyderabad, India

Jxtapose coworking space in Hyderabad, India

The capital city of one of India's southern states, Hyderabad is city with an eclectic combination of upscale neighborhoods and historic districts. This makes it an interesting spot for a swanky coworking environment, which is just what Jxtapose provides. It's a studio-like space built primarily for artistic pursuits (textile art, performance art and the like), but suitable for various types of office work as well.

#4. BLOOM in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

BLOOM coworking space in Tsim Sha Tsui

A cosmopolitan space that seeks to provide for a mobile worker's every need, BLOOM in the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood builds a sense of community into everything it does. This seems to be all the more noticeable, too, given Hong Kong's on-the-rise business culture.

In an overview of marketing operations in Asia, Ayima Hong Kong suggests that there's a vibrant community of new startups and young companies looking to gain traction, and names Hong Kong a "hotbed of fintech."

That particular company provides assistance in SEO and online brand expansion aimed at connecting area startups with international markets. But its depiction of the startup culture in the area indicates the perfect environment for high-end coworking spaces. That, plus the fact that the surrounding area happens to be known for excellent food and nightlife as a perk, makes BLOOM well worth checking out.

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#5. Dreamplex in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dreamplex coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City

Right now, Dreamplex is the only coworking option we know of in Ho Chi Minh City, which is strange given the population and high tourist activity. However, if anything that only makes it a more interesting choice.

The facility focuses on inspiring design, with modern touches and comfortable spaces that foster a creative environment. It's also just blocks from famous locations buzzing with sightseeing opportunities, like Independence Palace, the Saigon River, and Le Loi or Backpacker Street. That makes for a good total environment if, say, you're looking to set up a small business with a productive place to work, or you're going on an extended stay in Vietnam.

#6. The Working Capitol in Singapore

The Working Capitol coworking space in Singapore

If you're in Singapore for work (as opposed to just the amazing food and fun things to do), then this office space is perfect for you. Built as a friendly work community rather than just a place to plug in your computer and access the internet, it's an ideal place for more regular work, or even for a business to get off the ground.

It happens to be well situated within the city, too, with a location right in the heart of Chinatown, which Timeout characterizes as a bustling place full of great food, interesting architecture, and things to do. That kind of surrounding energy certainly can't hurt when you're choosing a coworking spot.

#7. The Hive Thonglor in Bangkok, Thailand

The Hive Thonglor coworking space in Bangkok

This coworking space is in a district that's both residential and commercial, which lends it a relatively calm atmosphere despite the crowded, high-energy nature of Bangkok. That means you and any employees will likely feel right at home working there.

Specifically, The Hive is a six-story building that offers everything you'll need, from office space to basic amenities, to cozy, appealing lounges.

#8. Hub Hoi An in Vietnam

Hub Hoi An coworking space in Vietnam

Hoi An is a gorgeous coastal town in central Vietnam that if anything is almost too peaceful to set up shop in. However, Hub provides just enough of a structured work environment to get you and any other team members working.

Billed as a "tropical coworking space," it consists of an indoor/outdoor office environment, with exterior table shaded by umbrellas and vegetation. As long as you're able to stay focused (it's just steps from the beach), it's about as pleasant an environment as you could ask for to work in.

This article was exclusively written for ancards.com by Jenny Barns.

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